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Alchemy Yoga Studio is a source of power for my life. Through Janine, for nearly a decade (well before Alchemy), I've developed a practice that is at the foundation of my physical and emotional health. The Alchemy studio is welcoming, organized, equipped, and pleasant. It is a community unto itself. It seems to be a magnet for really nice people. I've grown to love many of my fellow yogis -- they have become trusted friends and we have fun outside the studio. As far as my practice, I've learned over time to compare and judge less, to accept where I need to focus, to appreciate things as they are, and to be grateful for being in a community where people are doing such good for themselves, in the company of others no less. That is a gift. Thank you, Janine, for creating such an extraordinary space and place.

This place is a gem! I feel so fortunate to have found it two years ago. One of the main things for me is its relaxed friendly feel. People seem to enjoy coming to class, as do I. I was pretty new to yoga at the beginning, but Alchemy made me feel welcome that first day, and for the first few months, really helped me go at my own pace as I learned. The studio is light and airy. The owner Janine's power flow classes are not to be missed. She helps people modify if they are newer. I love the other instructors also. There are different types of classes, so there are nice choices. I started at Alchemy back in the middle of the 2015 New England blizzard winter, looking to just feel better. Who knew (fast forward to now) that I would feel much stronger, far more flexible (no more knee or hip pain!), and just more relaxed in general. I recommend trying Alchemy whether you are new to yoga, experienced, or somewhere in between. It offers a lot in a nice environment, for anyone looking to feel better through yoga.

I have been taking yoga with Janine, the studio owner for the past 15 or so years.  I have really enjoyed her new studio and also the classes of the various teachers she hired.  Alchemy yoga offers different levels and styles of yoga.  Most of the classes are all-level classes but there are also ones that are better suited for beginners like Yoga Basics and Slow Flow.  In the all-level classes, Janine and other teachers always offer different variations of poses so that even the most advanced practitioners can find a challenge while those newer to yoga can take a modified, easier variation.  The studio also offers a couple of restorative classes as well which are nice to mix in with the power yoga practice. In addition to regular classes, the studio holds workshops from time to time.  I have always enjoyed these. I attended workshops with live music (Girish) and also yoga with massage where a certified massage therapist gave assists during class.  I also did an inversion workshop where we practiced headstands, handstands and other inversions. The studio has a very pleasant atmosphere and the environment is super friendly and welcoming.  Janine always has new music in her practice and I love her playlists. After most classes, students are offered green tea which is such a nice touch.  There is a real sense of community among the teachers and practitioners.  I just love Alchemy Yoga!

I love Alchemy Yoga! The studio is clean, warm, welcoming and full of positive energy. The teachers are encouraging, helpful and generous. Classes are challenging and fun. Ever since I started classes regularly, I have found that I have more energy, a positive attitude, and my days are more fulfilling. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who has even the slightest curiosity about yoga.

As an aging runner, I was looking for another way to exercise with less impending injury. A good friend recommended Alchemy Yoga to me. I found a diverse group of teachers and classes; each with varying paces, personalities and intentions, but all the teachers were extremely patient and willing to explain things when my brain and body were confused. It's been two months now and I know I have a lot to learn, but that ease and lightness I feel after class keeps me coming back. Not to mention the warm community of perpetual students who are will to lose their balance and find their breath along side me.

Alchemy yoga is a place that inspires strength and well being. From the moment you get to the door which is adorned by a dream catcher you are welcomed into a space filled with serenity. Janine has created a warm and nurturing environment for her patrons and in addition to her strong and grounding classes she offers a wealth of  yoga knowledge to her students. The entire team at Alchemy are welcoming and knowledgeable. Great place to practice. Namaste


Other reviews:

The power yoga class was excellent and the studio is clean and relaxing. 

I have been attending classes two to three times a week for almost two years and the results are notable. I have Parkinson's Disease and my neurologist at my most recent visit rated me an "A" for balance and blood pressure. He also mentioned Yoga is being recommended at diagnosis for Parkinson's as a prescribed therapy. It certainly has helped me and the staff at Alchemy have been very understanding regarding my disease. 

I just had my annual physical and have dropped nine pounds and lowered the blood pressure by ten points. It is largely attributable to yoga two to three times a week at Alchemy Yoga. 

I love that Janine opened up this beautiful studio - and only 5 minutes form my house ! The yoga practice I am developing at Alchemy has dramatically changed how I swim, keeps me form getting running injuries, and is the perfect complement to my Buddhist practice. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Thank You!     

After trying without much success several yoga studios around the Boston area, I came to discover this gem right in my back yard. The owner of the studio, Janine, is an experienced yoga instructor that makes every class feel as if it is taught just for you. I'm genuinely surprised by the results I have been able to achieve this past year in my yoga practice. 

Warm and peaceful on a snowy evening. This studio is a great place to go to grow your practice. 

You've done an excellent job with the winter schedule, and I truly appreciate how hard you work to accommodate everyone. All of the new classes, time offerings, and instructors look better than ever. Thank you so much!