Power Flow
An all-levels power vinyasa class that combines movement with breath in sequences that are challenging yet include modifications to make them accessible to anyone regardless of yoga experience. Students explore variations of the poses with respect to their own physical abilities while building both strength and flexibility. All are welcome to attend this class and each student is encouraged to work through guided sequences at his or her own pace. 

Slow Flow
This class is ideal for those who are newer to yoga as well as anyone who would like to move at a slower pace. Students gently challenge their own limits and engage in an individual exploration of their physical capacity to move through the poses. 

Yoga Basics
If you're a beginner, this class is the place for you to explore the practice and connect more deeply with your physical body. You will stretch and strengthen every muscle and feel great afterwards!

Power Down
With an emphasis on relaxation, this class includes deep, passive stretching in poses that are held longer. The result is a peaceful and soothing experience. Perfect for beginners, athletes, and anyone looking for a complement to our more vigorous Power Flow classes.

Hip Hop Yoga
This is a fun, fast-moving Power class set to upbeat dance and hip hop music. You'll flow through familiar poses, just a bit faster and a lot louder.


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